Product Name: The Microbiome Solution, A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out. Dr. Robynne Chutkan M.D.

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An Easy to Understand Guide to Gut Health

Being (obviously) passionate about the gut, the microbiome and how to heal yourself through diet, wellbeing, and living well, I have invested in many many books on the topic of gut health.

I found “The Microbiome Solution – A Radical New Way To Heal Your Body From The Inside Out” is absolutely the best reference for resetting your health through diet and lifestyle changes. It also is a wonderful reference no matter what your current understanding of this amazing topic is – I lend it to my friends who have never heard of the microbiome before, as well as to friends who are qualified nutritionists.  Let me tell you why I think it is THAT good.

The language of the book is clear, confident and simple. It is an easy read. The message is easily understood, and makes perfect sense, even to a first-time researcher.  Being so persuasive and encouraging through facts and common sense, the author shows how you can implement the strategies into your life and make quick changes to your energy, wellness and

The structure of the book is also clear and simple. The author really does a great job of introducing ideas, separating facts and giving advice that is manageable.


Book Summary

Live Dirty, Eat Clean—because every serious disease or chronic ailment begins in our gut. The author of Gutbliss and one of today’s preeminent gastroenterologists distills the latest research on the microbiome into a practical program for boosting overall health.

The Microbiome is the collective name for the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut. Using latest research, Dr. Robynne Chutkan explains how the standard Western Diet and lifestyle are starving our microbiome, depleting the ‘good bugs’ that keep us healthy, and encouraging overgrowth of exactly the wrong type of bacteria. The resulting imbalance makes us more prone to disease and obesity, and negatively affects our cravings, our immunity, and even our genes. But beyond this science, what sets The Microbiome Solution apart is Dr. Chutkan’s powerful plan for optimizing your wellbeing.

Discover how our hyper-hygienic lifestyle, enforced with hand-sanitizing gels and antibiotics, is stripping our bodies of their natural protective systems; learn about essential prebiotics and probiotics; read a private introduction to the stool transplant, the radical super-fix for a severe microbial imbalance; and cook for thousands of billions with recipes that replenish your microbiome.  This book will bring welcome relief to the many millions worldwide who need to grow a good ‘gut garden’ – and enjoy healthier, happier lives.


The Best Gut Health Book For New Enthusiasts

I hope you take the time to read this book – it is a treasure of easy and commonsense information based on new science that will have you feeling positive about bringing change to both your gut health and overall health through understanding the concept of Microbial Health better.

I have offered this book as a gift on many occasions and really recommend it to all who are interested in making a positive change in their lives and in the lives of their families.

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